Use License for Equipment Information

Use License to MicroFab Patents

With the purchase of a jetlab® system, MicroFab grants a use license to its patents for any and all purposes in connection with the use of the jetlab®. The license does not extend to taking components from the jetlab® and integrating them into a different system. With the purchase of subsystems and components, MicroFab grants a use license to its patents for research and development purposes only. Commercial use must be licensed separately.

USP 4,877,745

"Apparatus and Process for Reagent Fluid Dispensing and Printing" is now expired.

Use License to Third Party Patents

MicroFab does not have the ability to grant to its equipment customers a license to third party intellectual property, so we cannot guarantee that you can use our equipment without infringing on third party patents.

MicroFab products may be used in connection with the manufacture, use and/or analysis of oligonucleotide arrays. These patents are owned by Oxford Gene Technology Limited and MicroFab's products are not licensed under any such patents. Applicable OGT patents include (a) US Patents Nos. 5,700,637 and 6,054,270, European Patent No. 0 373 203, and Japanese Patents Nos. 3393528 and 3386391; US Patent No. 5,436,327, European Patent No. 0 386 229 and Japanese Patent No. 3129723; and US Patents Nos. 6,150,095 and 6,307, 039;