Optics Subsystems

Optics Subsystems

Product Description

alt The Horizontal Optics subsystem is designed to observe formation and trajectories of droplets in flight (requires a pulsed LED or other pulsed light source for illumination). The Vertical Optics subsystem is designed for locating fiducials on substrates and for inspection of printed patterns. These two subsystems are integrated into the Jetlab® II Printing System.

The Basic Optics subsystem can be used for both drop and substrate observation, is available in multiple working distances, and is use in the Jetlab® 4 family of Printing Systems.

The Vertical & Horizontal Optics subsystems include a CCD camera with power supply, zoom lens, and fine focus module. Vertical Optics adds coaxial illumination. The Basic Optics subsystem uses a fixed magnification lens. Video capture (internal & external) is available as an option.

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Ordering Information

alt Horizontal Optics System: CCD camera, power supply, zoom lens. Fine focus and right-angle adapter included.

Vertical Optics System: CCD camera, power supply, zoom lens, coaxial illumination.

Basic Optics System: CCD camera, power supply, lens, fine focus, mounting block. Specify 50, 90, or 150 mm working distance.

Sensoray video capture board. PCI card.

Sensoray video capture board. External USB model.


Horizontal & Vertical:
Field of view, min 1.0 x 1.3 mm
Field of view, max 10.2 x 13. 6 mm
Fine focus range 15 mm
Camera resolution 640 x 480 lines
Horizontal Optics:
Size 96 x 305 mm (3.8 x 12”)
Working Distance 69 mm
Vertical Optics:
Size 99 x 345 mm (3.9 x 13.6”)
Height xxx mm
Working Distance 114 mm
Lamp power (bulb) 150 W
Input voltage 110 or 220 V (specify)
Input power 300 W

Basic Optics:
Field of view: 50, 90, 150mm working distances 2.1 x 2.7 mm (50)
1.9 x 2.6mm (90)
3.1 x 4.1mm (150)
Camera resolution 640 x 480 lines
Size 36 x 167 (1.4 x 6.6”) (50)
36 x 198 (1.4 x 7.8”) (90)
36 x 198 (1.4 x 7.8”)(150)
Working Distance 40, 90, or 150 mm (specify)

Video Capture:
Video capture resolution 640 x 480
Video capture input 4 x BNC
Video capture interface USB
Video capture OS Win XP