VaporJet™ product announcement


By dispensing small droplets of dilute solutions of explosive onto a heater, the materials vaporize rapidly and are carried away by a gas flow adjusted through a mass flow controller.

Continuous operation has the heater set at a constant temperature while drops are generated at a set frequency. The concentration level can be adjusted almost instantaneously by changing the drop generation characteristics (frequency) and the flow rate.

In dose mode operation, a specified number of drops is deposited onto the heater set at a constant base temperature. The temperature of the heater is then raised (rates up to 250°C /second) to evaporate the solvent and then vaporize the explosive. A very flexible temperature control is provided, allowing multiple ramps and constant temperature segments. The constant temperatures and ramp rates are independently adjustable for up to four sets of ramp & constant temperature. The concentration can be adjusted through the flow rate and the number of drops deposited on the heater.


The accuracy of the ink-jet dispensing technology combined with the accurate control of the temperature of the heater and of the carrier flow permit the precise generation of low concentrations.

In addition to explosives, this system can produce low concentration of materials used in olfaction evaluation or evaluation of sensors for solvents, drugs of abuse, etc.

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