Jetlab® 4xl-B product announcement


The system includes all the standard features of the jetlab® 4 and the larger 210x260 mm² substrate size of the jetlab® 4xl. The main addition consists of the ultra micro-balance with a readout resolution of 0.1 µg, repeatability of 0.25 µg, and total load capacity of 2.1 g (gross weight including boat).

An additional shuttle stage moves the printhead from the print position to the position for fluid collection, above the micro-balance. A special enclosure limits the evaporation rate. Together with evaporation compensation algorithms allows mass measurements to better than 1% accuracy.


Within scripts, printing of arrays can be defined with a specified total mass and conditioned on stability criteria for the measurements of droplet mass and evaporation. The printing pattern is adjusted based on the measured drop mass such that the total desired mass is deposited on the substrate.

For more information check the jetlab® 4xl-B product page.