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The JetDrive™ V drive electronics, built on the robust JetDrive™ III architecture, is designed to provide complex drive waveforms to MicroFab’s MJ microdispensing devices. It is computer controlled via USB communication and an external trigger is provided for real-time control during printing operations. An output to drive an LED strobe for drop observations is also provided, including a delay that is controlled either through the computer interface or a knob on the front panel. A Windows® based control program (JetServer™) is provided, along with the command set for customers who want to integrate control of the JetDrive™ V into their own software. An optional LabView® sample program is available. The JetDrive™ V comes in single output configuration for now. The multiple output configurations of JetDrive™ V will be available in near future. Till then the JetDrive™ III will be offered in multiple output configurations only.

Standard Features

  • Computer controlled; Windows® based control program provided, along with command set.
  • 8 point bipolar trapezoidal waveform plus 12 point arb waveform mode.
  • External trigger for real-time control; LED strobe output / delay.
  • Integrated into VaportJet™, SphereJet™, Jetlab® II, and the Jetlab® 4 family.

Available Options

  • USB relay unit for multiplexing of a single channel output.
  • Multichannel units for simultaneous drive. Configurations for up to 4 and up to 16 output channels currently available for JetDrive™ III units only.
  • LabView® sample program.

Ordering Information

JetDrive™ V controller, including command set and Windows® based Jetserver™ control program. Includes built in strobe delay. Level 02 firmware (complex waveform) included.

Eight channel relay unit for multiplexing output of JetDrive™ V. External USB model.

Multichannel JetDrive™ III controller. Maximum number of output channels = 4.

Multichannel JetDrive™ III controller. Maximum number of output channels =16.

LabView® based Jetserver™ sample program.


Waveform types 8 point bipolar trapezoidal; 12 point ARB; sine
Pulse modes single; burst; continuous
Voltages -140 to +140 V
Rise, fall, and ARB times 1 - 3276 µs
Dwell times 3 - 3276 µs
Number of V,t points in ARB mode 12
Total pulse length less than 4095 µs
Frequency 1 Hz - 30 kHz
Resolution 1V, 1µs
Burst count 1-1 million
Pulse generation control USB 2.0 and external TTL trigger
External trigger TTL 2.5-5 V, >0.5 µs rising flank sets timing
Strobe delay -500 µs to +2500 µs relative to trigger
Strobe output 1 TTL per 1-64 triggers
Strobe control programmable and manual
Strobe connector BNC
Trigger connector BNC
USB 2.0
HV connector DIN
Power supply and Power cable 100V or 240VAC, 50/60Hz, 2A, +/-10% fluctuation; C13 SJT cable, 10A rating

Brochure (PDF)
CAD drawings

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