The JetServer™ program is designed to control the JetDrive™ V and III family of drive electronic units. A graphical user interface is provided to set the operating parameters for MJ piezoelectric dispensing devices. These can be saved and retrieved interactively in a format fully compatible with the control program of Jetlab® Printing Platforms. Multiple MJ devices can be controlled using a multi-channel version of the JetDrive™ III or a single-channel version of the JetDrive™ V unit multiplexed by a relay board. With optional frame grabber hardware and image processing software, automated measurements of drop diameter, drop velocity and direction in one camera view can be performed. The Windows® version of JetServer™ ships with each JetDrive™ unit. A LabView® sample version is available as an option.

Standard Features

  • Graphical user interface to specify 8 point bipolar trapezoidal waveforms and 12 point arb waveforms.
  • LED strobe delay control.
  • Multiple dispensing device control, including waveform storage & retrieval and control of a relay for multiplexing a single channel drive.
  • Integrated into VaportJet™, SphereJet™, Jetlab® II, and the Jetlab® 4 family.

Available Options

  • USB relay unit for multiplexing of a single channel output.
  • Video capture board and image analysis software for automated drop measurements.
  • LabView® sample program.

Ordering Information

JetDrive™ V controller, including command set and Windows® based Jetserver™ control program. Includes built in strobe delay. Level 02 firmware (complex waveform) included.

Eight channel relay unit for multiplexing output of JetDrive™ III. External USB model.

Multichannel JetDrive™ III controller. Maximum number of output channels = 4.

Multichannel JetDrive™ III controller. Maximum number of output channels =16.

LabView® based Jetserver™ sample program.

Image analysis software for drop analysis. Only available on jetting subsystems.


Models controlled JetDrive™ V, single channel and JetDrive™ III multichannel
Waveform types 8 point bipolar trapezoidal;12 point arb
Frequency 1 Hz - 30 kHz
Resolution 1V, 1µs
Burst count 1-1 million
Waveform storage / retrieval Yes
Multiplex single channel drive Option: requires USB relay
Automated drop analysis Option: requires video capture board and image processing software
Strobe delay -500 µs to +2500 µs relative to trigger
Windows® version Ships with JetDrive™ V and III
Labview® version Optional sample program available

Brochure (PDF)

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