jetlab® Controlled Atmosphere Configurations

Product Description

Incorporating MicroFab’s highly successful jetlab® II and jetlab® 4 microdispensing and printing platforms into an MBRAUN Labmaster ®series glovebox, the Controlled Atmosphere configurations of the jetlab®II and jetlab®4 allow customers to develop precision printing applications using materials and processes that are oxygen or moisture sensitive. Examples include printing electronic and photonic polymers used in displays and RFID tags; printing and post-processing nano-metal aluminum or copper inks as conductive traces or under-bump metallization; printing and fluxless reflow of solder for hermetic package sealing; printing and converting copper-based organo-metallic inks; and printing bacteria-free tissue scaffolds. The jetlab® II and jetlab® 4 can be incorporated into a standard laminar flow hood for tissue engineering and other applications.

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