jetlab®II Precision Printing Platform

Based on MicroFab’s highly successful jetlab® microdispensing and printing platform, the jetlab® II Table Top Printing Platform has most of the same capabilities, but in a much smaller footprint. The jetlab® II is designed for the laboratory development of jetting processes and materials, allowing MicroFab’s customers and partners to investigate and optimize their specific applications. MicroFab’s jetlab® family of printing platforms are currently in use in 23 countries worldwide.

Standard Features

Software controlled X-Y positioning; 200x200 mm2 substrate size & print area; Z axis control of printhead height; Print-on-the-Fly (both axes simultaneously) or Point-to-Point printing; raster & vector printing modes; arbitrary printing resolution and direction; complex print job definition through scripting; control of multiple process functions (e.g. valves, light sources, etc.); software based rotation correction; CCD camera for drop observation; CCD camera with coaxial illumination for substrate observation; vibration isolated mounting surface; manual pneumatics controls; JetDrive™ V Drive Electronics unit with bipolar and arbitrary waveform modes, and single and burst modes.

Available Options

Stage mapping and thermal monitoring for increased accuracy; electronic pressure control; humidity control; HEPA filter & blower; custom printheads; drop & printed feature image analysis routines; automated fiducial recognition & location & automated alignment; heated workpiece holder and printheads; pre and post printing process functions. The jetlab® II is compatible with all -MicroFab’s printhead offerings.


Subsystem Standard Optional
X-Y travel 200 X 200 mm printable 300x300 mm printable area (jetlab® xl-300)
Velocity / Acceleration 100 mm/s / 400 mm/s2  
Accuracy / Repeatability ±15 µm / ±5 µm ±4 µm / ±2 µm with mapping
Computer Panel PC; monitor, keyboard and mouse; Windows 10; USB 2.0 & Ethernet ports  
Pneumatics Precision pressure/vacuum regulator with digital readout for jet operation;
three state pneumatic control
Electronic control: pressure/vacuum regulator and three state pneumatics
Vision Horizontal camera & illumination for jet setup; vertical camera & illumination for alignment and post-printing inspection Image analysis routines for automated alignment / inspection & drop analysis
Printheads & Jetting Devices Select one or more
(not included in base price)
Mounts all MicroFab standard printheads; Interchangeable
Complex Print Jobs Script file: nesting, repetition with offsets, wait states, maintenance, & TTL controls; arbitrary printing resolution and direction  
Print Modes Print-on-the-Fly and Point-to-Point  
Jet Drive Electronics JetDrive™ V: bipolar and arb mode Multi-channel JetDrive™ III-(n)

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